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At Bayside Animal Hospital, we’re your trusted partner in pet health.

If you’re looking for the best vet clinic near Auburn, come and visit us at Bayside Animal Hospital, you’ll find all the care and love for your furry family members!

Bayside Animal Hospital Auburn

Shop G34, 11-21 Marquet St, Rhodes NSW 2138

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Shop G34, 11-21 Marquet St, Rhodes NSW 2138

Our caring team of vets take the time in getting to know each pet — from their personality and lifestyle down to the smallest details, so we can bring the best expert care they need. 

For the pets of Auburn, we have different services to ensure your pets are happy and healthy! 

Consultation and Medical Treatment

Is essential to have regular check-ups with your pets, so our team provide vet consultations to make sure the health of your animals is great, our vets are prepared to keep your pets safe and also assist in general health issues, nutrition or emergency healthcare.



Bayside Vets understands that your pet is an important part of the family and that’s why we take special care of pet surgeries, we have the best-experienced vet surgeons with access to fully equipped facilities for surgical care for our little patients.



We offer pet microchipping to help protect and keep safe your little members. It’s also an important part since Australian law requests that cats and dogs get chipped before 12 weeks of age.


Dental Care

Bayside Animal Hospital will take care as much as possible to help ensure your furry friend’s teeth stay healthy. 

From cleanings, checkups and even some dental treatments – if needed –  to treat your cat or dog.



Vaccinations are a vital part of the health and happiness of your pets, as it helps to stimulate the immunity system, allowing it to fight off any unwanted bacteria or viruses and ensure a long and healthy life for your furry friend.

Our clinic near Auburn has the best vaccines for dogs and cats to prevent any illness.


Pet Radiography, Imaging and Test

In case your pet is having issues that require a more in-depth investigation, at our clinic, we’re committed to helping you find the diagnosis as fast as we can, our diagnostic imaging services help this.

We also provide the best technology for taking tests if needed. 


Pet Desexing

Is very important to have our pets desexing, this provides many health benefits to your pet.

Bayside Animal Hospital is dedicated to making sure you get the right procedure that fits best your pet and also helps you understand how the process will work. 


General Pet Supply

At your local animal hospital in Auburn, we provide all supplementary products, from food to health and nutrition items to grooming supplies. 


The Best Care for Pets at Bayside Animal Hospital Auburn 

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