Pet Radiography & Imaging

At Bayside Vets, we are dedicated to providing pet radiography and imaging. This valuable diagnostic tool allows our vets to visualise internal structures and diagnose various pet health conditions.

Bayside Vets – Vet Diagnostic Imaging Services

Imaging Services are a non-invasive way for vets to look at what’s happening inside your pet to see if there’s an underlying issue. The most accurate diagnosis will help vets create a more tailored and efficient treatment. 

Our pet radiography and imaging services use digital systems that offer exceptional image clarity and reduced radiation exposure. Our team ensures that the imaging process is swift, stress-free, and comfortable for your furry friends.

Our services

  • Pet Radiography in Sydney

    Animal radiography or X-rays are commonly used for identifying issues regarding the skeleton. In addition to finding foreign bodies, fractures and osteoarthritis, dog and cat radiography can also take dental shots to assess dental health in our little patients.

    Pets are usually sedated during the process, and radiation exposure to your pet is minimal to cause no harm. So if you need radiography for dogs and cats, we’re your team.

  •  Pet Ultrasound

    Ultrasonography is a medical technique used to identify and examine concerns with soft tissue, particularly in internal organs like the kidneys, liver, spleen, heart and bladder.

    Cat and dog ultrasounds present real-time visuals in response to the moving sensor. It is commonly used for pregnancy evaluations and is often used to identify any irregularities in internal abdominal organs, check in on the heart in cases such as heart murmur, and monitor changes in cysts or tumours. At bayside vets, our vets are prepared to provide both dog and cat ultrasounds.


Specialist Imaging Referrals

We don’t offer the following imaging for pets at our veterinary clinic. However, we will refer you to a specialist if your pet needs more advanced imaging for an accurate diagnosis. We have included these pet imaging services for your reference:

Fluoroscopy for pets.

Fluoroscopy for cats and dogs can offer real-time images of the body in motion. Cat and Dog fluoroscopy uses low continuous doses of X-ray radiation to identify and examine diseases that impact movement, such as swallowing or breathing.

CT scans for pets.

CT scan for dogs and cats operate with similar technology to an X-ray, but where X-ray results are flat and 2-dimensional, CT scan results are 3-dimensional with a 360 degrees scan image. We use CT scans for cats and dogs to detect cancer tumours, find heart disease quickly and examine spinal issues. Your pet will also need sedation or general anaesthesia, as they must stay still during the process.

MRI for pets

Vets use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to take pictures of soft tissue that X-rays, such as organs, muscles, the spinal cord and the brain, can’t see. MRI scans for cats and dogs use strong magnetic fields, radio waves and magnetic field gradients to capture these images. As the process requires complete stillness for longer durations, your pets must be under general anaesthesia.

Preparing for Radiography & Imaging

The cost of pet diagnostic imaging in Sydney depends on the type of veterinary imaging. Our veterinary staff will always provide an upfront estimate when recommending a diagnostics procedure during a consultation.

For certain imaging procedures, such as X-rays and ultrasounds, your pet may need to fast for a specific period before the appointment. Fasting helps ensure clearer images and accurate results. 

Typically, fasting involves withholding food for about 8 to 12 hours before the procedure. Water, however, should still be available to keep your pet hydrated.

General Anaesthesia Recovery

Your pet will likely still be sleepy after a veterinary imaging procedure with anaesthesia. Through the way general anaesthesia is administered, some pets may experience a mild cough after waking up, but this should clear up within 24 hours. If it continues, they aren’t eating for this period or exhibit any other unusual behaviour, please contact us.

The Next Steps

After your pet’s diagnostic imaging, our vets will examine the images and help you understand the diagnostics and the next steps if any treatment or action is required.

Our vets can provide medical treatment, prescriptions, and dental at the clinic as part of our services, along with general and specialist surgery. If our veterinary clinic cannot perform a specialist veterinary procedure your pet needs, your veterinarian will provide a recommendation.

Our animal hospital also offers blood tests, urine tests, cytology and histology as part of our diagnostic services to learn more about other issues.Our vets and veterinary nurses care deeply for animals. If you have any concerns about your companion animal’s health, please contact us or plan a visit to our veterinary clinic in Wolli Creek or Rhodes.

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