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Are you a pet owner in Homebush? Then know that there’s a vet service right on your doorstep! Welcome to your friendly local vet clinic, here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Rhodes.

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Are you a pet owner in Homebush? Then know that there’s a vet service right on your doorstep! Welcome to your friendly local vet clinic, here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Rhodes.

Offering a full range of vet services, at Bayside Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on putting pets and their owners first.

Find Your Best Vet in Homebush

Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush is your best option if you’re looking for an experienced and caring veterinarian.

Here, we provide cutting-edge, effective, and fairly priced medical care for pets.

Our vets in Homebush are compassionate and patient, so they can make your pet feel at ease while they’re being examined or receiving treatment on our premises. All our team members at Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush share a deep love for animals. More importantly, we are all passionate about providing the best pet care and wellness services to our patients, whatever their size and species.

Your cherished pet will receive the best attention and care from our Homebush emergency vets at Bayside Animal Hospital. Because we know that each patient has different needs and personality traits, our veterinary team and vets always provide individualised patient care.

We offer advice on pet care and health to pet owners. We also make sure that our clients understand any potential medical issues their pets might have and offer various treatment options.

At our Homebush vet hospital, we have fully stocked exam rooms, advanced diagnostic equipment, and pet pharmaceutical supplies to guarantee we are ready to meet all your pet’s health and medical needs right away.

If you need a vet in Homebush, please contact us or book an appointment online.

Veterinary Services in Homebush

We offer a complete range of veterinary services for your pet. These include:

Consultation & Healthcare

Your pet needs regular checkups and consultations to stay healthy. Your doctor in our Homebush vet hospital will perform thorough health assessments to give you important information about the condition of your cat, dog, or another type of pet animal. These health checks also aid in the early detection of problems before they get worse and become difficult to treat.


Bring your pet in at Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush for routine vaccines for dogs, cats, and other pet animals to protect them from common and sometimes possibly fatal health conditions.

Medical Treatment

At Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush, we prioritise early identification and prevention to deal with any difficulties relating to your pet’s health as soon as they appear. In addition to medication, we discuss healthy practices for your pet, such as diet, exercise, and parasite prevention.

Blood Test & Urine Test

A painful fact about pets is that they’re unable to communicate when they are ill. You can’t depend on periodic medical exams, deworming, or a healthy diet to keep your pet healthy for always. You also won’t know the condition of their vital organs just by looking.

So if your Homebush emergency vet suspects a health issue, they may recommend blood and urine testing because these are among the most convenient and reliable diagnostic exams available.

Cytology & Histology

Your vet in Homebush may need to perform cytology and histology tests for certain pet health issues. These examinations help in treatment monitoring and the evaluation of organs that cannot be examined during a standard physical.

General Surgery

Your pet’s Homebush emergency vet may occasionally need to do general surgery, such as desexing (spaying and neutering), wound stitching, diagnostic surgery, biopsies, and more. With the latest and most advanced equipment and techniques, our facilities are set up to handle a variety of pet surgical treatments safely and efficiently.

Specialist Surgery

At Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush, advanced soft tissue procedures and orthopaedic procedures are among the specialty procedures available. Board-certified specialists carry out these operations. Our veterinarians perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, such as caesarean sections, tumour removals, exploratory laparotomies, intestinal blockages, fracture repair, amputations, and many others.

Anaesthesia & Sedation

Our Homebush vet hospital provides elderly or high-risk patients with an extra margin of safety by employing the safest anaesthetics and most up-to-date anaesthetic techniques. Our veterinary team uses modern technology to monitor each patient’s vital signs continuously during all anaesthetic procedures.

Dental Care

Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush offers pet dental services for both cats and dogs, such as teeth scaling and polishing (prophylaxis). To maximise results and lessen pet stress, our vets use ultrasonic scale technology and a high-speed polishing apparatus.

Your pet’s oral cavity will also be evaluated by your chosen vet in Homebush as they complete each dental procedure. In this manner, they can provide immediate treatment for any teeth and gum issues they may discover in the process.


To make it simpler to locate your pets in case they stray far or become lost, you can have your cats and dogs microchipped at Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush.

In Australia, a pet cat or dog must have a microchip before turning 12 weeks old or being turned over to a new home. After having their cat or dog microchipped, pet owners are required to fill out a form with their address and local council’s contact information.

Radiography & Imaging

It’s important to ascertain the root cause as soon as possible if you notice your pet acting strangely or showing signs that they might be suffering from an unidentified illness.

When this occurs, your pet’s Homebush emergency vet may advise radiography or veterinary imaging. These methods are helpful for identifying underlying problems that can’t be diagnosed accurately during a regular health examination.

General Pet Supply

Besides helping you find a licensed vet, our Homebush vet hospital can take care of all your pet essentials and supplies.

You can find everything you need here, including pet food, accessories, health and nutrition products, hygiene, personal care, and grooming products.

Bayside Animal Hospital for All Your Vet Needs in Homebush

Visit Bayside Animal Hospital Homebush for all your veterinary and pet care requirements.

We’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed on Sundays and public holidays).

Call 02-7204-8119 if you have any questions about our services or sign up to book an appointment online.

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