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Are you a pet owner in Burwood? Then know that there’s a local vet service right on your doorstep! Welcome to your friendly Burwood vet clinic, here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Rhodes.

Bayside Animal Hospital Near Burwood

Shop G34, 11-21 Marquet St, Rhodes NSW 2138

Are you a pet owner in Burwood? Then know that there’s a vet service right on your doorstep! Welcome to your friendly local vet clinic, here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Rhodes.

Offering a full range of vet services, at Bayside Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on putting pets and their owners first.

That’s because all our staff are animal-focused, with a passion for your pet and helping them live the best and healthiest life possible.

Because we’re your local Burwood vet clinic, you can be assured of a friendly welcome and a real community feel. We will get to know you and your pet, treating them as an individual with their own unique needs. This personalised approach helps us provide the best and friendliest service in the neighbourhood!

We also truly believe in offering a holistic service for your furry friend, so when you bring them to see us, we’ll take a look at the bigger picture of their health and well-being. This helps us provide a targeted treatment plan and prevent smaller issues from becoming more significant ones in the future.

Know that Bayside Animal Hospital is always one step ahead when it comes to offering the latest treatment and technologies. We believe in continual professional development for our staff and investing in the most cutting-edge equipment so that we can offer the best possible care.

If you’re looking for a vet in Burwood, then choose Bayside Animal Hospital for your local, caring clinic. Just give us a call or book an appointment online using our easy pet management system. We’d love to hear from you!

Services at your local Burwood vet clinic

Here at Bayside Animal Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services. These are some of the things we do for local Burwood pets:


A consultation with one of our experienced and friendly vets is often the best place to start if you have health concerns about your furry friend. You can also bring your pet to see us for a routine check-up to stay on top of their health.


We offer a full range of pet surgery procedures here at Bayside Animal Hospital, ranging from routine, for example, desexing, to cancer surgery. Rest assured, your pet will be in safe hands with our professional surgical team.


The law in Australia says that you must get your dog or cat microchipped once they reach 12 weeks of age. Come to us for microchipping, not just so you comply with your obligations as a pet owner, but so you’ll have a better chance of being reunited with your pet should they go missing.

Pet Dentistry

A healthy mouth means a healthy pet! At Bayside Animal Hospital, we offer a pet dentistry service, including teeth cleaning under anaesthetic, to make sure your furry friend’s teeth and mouth are just as healthy as the rest of them.

Dog Vaccination

Getting your dog vaccinated against serious diseases like distemper and kennel cough is part and parcel of being a responsible pet owner. Pop along to Bayside Animal Hospital for our dog vaccination service, which starts with getting puppies on their vaccination cycle and continues with regular boosters for older dogs.

Cat Vaccination

Cats need protection from serious conditions like feline parvovirus and cat flu through cat vaccination. You can bring your kitten to see us for its first vaccination and continue its care with a regular booster as they reach adulthood.

Special Diagnostics

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on with your pet. That’s where diagnostics come in — get specialised tests to find out the root cause of your pet’s complaint and get them on the right treatment path.


The right nutrition is really important for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Let our knowledgeable vets offer you their advice on keeping your pet in top condition with a healthy and balanced diet.

Medical Treatment

Maybe your pet is living with a long-term condition that needs regular medication. Or they might have an infection that needs a short course of antibiotics. Either way, our vets are here to advise on the best medical treatment to help them get fighting fit again.

General Pet Supply

We know our pet parents are busy people. That’s why we keep pet products available here at Bayside Animal Hospital so you can stock up when you pop in and see us. Choose from a range of items, including pet food, grooming products and pet accessories.

Preventative Healthcare

There’s nothing we like better than seeing our healthy, cared-for pet community! We offer lots of tips and advice on preventative healthcare, including vaccinations, exercise and nutrition, so that your pet continues to live its best life.
If there’s any other aspect of pet care we can help you with, feel free to get in touch. We’re your local vet in Burwood for all aspects of your pet’s health, so don’t hesitate to reach out for our friendly and professional advice.

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