Cat Vaccination

Protect your beloved cat from harmful diseases and infections with their necessary vaccinations.

Why does Cat Vaccination Matter?

Vaccinations are vital in preventing infectious diseases that can severely impact your cat’s health. Vaccines produce protective antibodies to defend against specific pathogens by stimulating your cat’s immune system. 

With vaccination, you not only protect their health but also contribute to the health of the entire feline community.

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Kitten Vaccination

Kittens first get their antibodies from the milk they get from their mother, but as they get older, the effectiveness of these antibodies begins to decline. Some viral and bacterial diseases also are more dangerous for young kittens. 

That’s when it becomes essential to start their cat vaccine schedule. At Bayside Vets, we recommend keeping to these vaccination cycles for your young cat:

  • First Shot: 8 weeks of age
  • Second shot: 12 weeks of age
  • Third Shot: 16 weeks of age

Adult Cat Vaccinations & Booster Vaccines for Cats

Adult cats still require booster vaccinations annually to help maintain their immune defence against severe infectious diseases.

If you have recently adopted an older cat and don’t know if they are equipped with all its vaccines, you can ask the previous owner or let our vets know. We may recommend starting a new cycle again to ensure your fabulous feline is fully protected.

Vaccinations for Cats

Here are some vaccinations that we recommend:

  • Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV):

    FeLV is a highly contagious virus that can lead to various health problems, including anemia, immune suppression, and cancer. Vaccination is crucial, especially for cats that have access to the outdoors or come into contact with other cats.

  • F3 Cat vaccine:

    Protect your feline friend from serious illnesses such as Feline Panleukopaenia, Rhinotracheitis Virus, and Calicivirus; this vaccine is a core vaccine highly recommended to ensure their well-being.

And if you’re concerned about cat flu, the cat flu vaccine is typically a combination vaccine that includes antigens against FVR and FCV. It stimulates the cat’s immune system to produce antibodies that can recognise and neutralise these viruses, helping to prevent or reduce the severity of the infections.

Why Should I vaccinate my cat?

  • Disease Prevention:

    Cat vaccines are designed to stimulate your cat’s immune system and protect them from infectious diseases. Vaccinations can prevent or significantly reduce the severity of illnesses that can be life-threatening or cause long-term health complications.

  • Protection against Common Diseases:

    Vaccinating your cat ensures protection against common feline diseases. 

  • Preventing Disease Spread:

    Vaccinating your cat creates a healthier and safer environment for all feline companions.

  • Protection for Outdoor Cats:

    Vaccinations are crucial if your cat has access to the outdoors or comes into contact with other cats. Outdoor cats are more likely to encounter disease-causing agents and have a higher risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Vaccinations provide an essential layer of protection in such scenarios.

After Care

It is common for cats to feel a little under the weather for 1-2 days after their shot. They also may be a little tender or have some swelling at the injection site. All they need is a comfortable resting place and easy access to food and water while recovering. 

If they are experiencing any symptoms you are concerned about or they still exhibit symptoms after two days, please contact us and request a vet consultation.

Need Cat Vaccination in Sydney? 

Our animal hospital at Bayside Vets looks after all core and non-core cat vaccinations in Sydney to protect your feline from disease.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for your cats. Our experienced veterinarians and friendly staff will ensure a stress-free and positive experience with cat vaccinations in Australia

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